Ivan Aivazovsky - Among the Waves


Bill Bate

Often when I imagine you,
your wholeness cascades into many shapes.
You run like a herd of luminous deer,
and I am dark;
I am forest.
Rainer Maria Rilke, Rilke’s Book of Hours, I, 45. (via llleighsmith)

i haven’t written on here in a very, very, very, very long time. it’s just so funny, it’ll almost be my birthday soon, and then i will be eighteen years old. and i was looking through my archive, all the way back to the very beginning. i’ve had this blog for almost five years. i can’t even believe it sometimes. i was looking through it all, and so much has happened. so much has changed, but now i feel happier than i ever have in my whole entire life. things have gotten so much better. i’m in college now, and in april i was lucky enough to find someone who has become so incredibly special to me, who i love more than anything on this entire earth, who is the absolute best person in the whole universe. the kindest, loveliest, smartest, funniest, most caring, most wonderful person.. i’ve written so many poems about him, and i am very excited to see him soon. i hope everyone is doing well!


I come here so much I made my own path

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